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the artist
Rolf Schaffner
Rolf Schaffner (1927-2008) Studies at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts 1956-1962. Master Student of Prof. A. Hiller.
Further projects and large sculptures (a selection)

Five to Twelve Mallorca, parts of a watermill, wood, fishing-nets, height: 6 m.

Witnesses at the Road, a group of 10 steles of rocks,
height: 4 – 6 m, Mallorca, along the road Santanyi – Campos, at km 47

Equilibrio – Thoughts of Stone. A European sculpture project of altogether 5 stone steles.

Sculpture on the Rotonda: along the road Santanyi – Llombards, Mallorca. Two stone steles: 6 m and 4.5 m

Erection of the sculpture Connection on Cologne’s King Baudouin Square; King Albert of Belgium was present at the opening of the venue.

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since 1995